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R2C's core capability is supporting full spectrum mission requirements, providing intelligence analysis, processing digital data, producing complex reporting, and delivering specialized operational and data governance training.


R2C specializes in identification, reporting, and sharing of cyber intelligence that informs policymakers of potential cyber threats, vulnerabilities, and trends. We support information sharing across various government agencies to enhance the understanding of the threat landscape, mitigation options, and emerging threats.


R2C has expertise in data governance and the identification of valuable data from the constant data deluge experienced across government and private sectors. Our focus is not IT, but rather data handling policies and procedures from a business perspective and the documentation and curation of contextual metadata. Our staff provides evaluations and recommendations on data sharing policies, reporting formats for big data, and innovative technical solutions for manipulating data. The Reports & Requirements Company has a significant number of employees who hold the ICCP’s Data Governance and Stewardship Professional (DGSP) certification.


R2C believes that well thought out training is critical to the success of the national security mission. Our consulting staff has extensive experience in multiple federal government agencies in designing, developing, and delivering training on the laws, policies, processes, and procedures associated with the classification, control, dissemination, and clearance of restricted information. Our courses can be taught at your facility or off-site; training personnel are available to travel to present courses as needed. Courses may be scheduled together as a single block or in modules as your personnel are available.

Learn more about our training offerings below.

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Our parent company, Buchanan & Edwards, delivers forward-focused technology solutions that help clients transform their missions, improve outcomes, and increase efficiency. Serving the intelligence, defense, law enforcement, and civilian markets, Buchanan & Edwards' expertise in data analytics & governance, cyber intelligence, operations support, cloud migration and digital services enable them to meet the critical demands of a constantly evolving industry and exceed mission expectations.

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