Software Reverse Engineer

Type of Job


Required Clearance Level

Top Secret/SCI + FSP


Washington, D.C. Metro Area

We're looking for game changers. People who love what they do and who they do it for. Providing consulting services in operational support, intelligence collection, reporting, and data governance, R2C is a leader in delivering solutions for high priority national security concerns. Are you ready for a change?

R2C is seeking Software Reverse Engineers to support a client's technical requirements on a mission focused program within a challenging, dynamic setting located in the Washington Metropolitan Area.

We welcome the most challenging problems facing our national security and apply intellect, talent, and innovation to reach feasible and valuable solutions to each challenge. That means we expect our employees to bring their “A game,” and you have the right to expect the same from the company that employs you. We want to hear your ideas. We want to hear your concerns. We want to make sure you have what you need to do the best you can on the job and grow in your career with us over time. Almost all companies say they have a culture of inclusiveness and that they value employee input, but R2C puts that statement to work every day. It’s time for a change. Come and experience a company that actually cares.


  • Isolate, review, analyze, reverse-engineer, and modify malicious and non-malicious programs and applications

  • Write and produce technical reports related to the scope, nature, and characteristics of the assessed software and applications suitable for distribution to both technical and non-technical audiences

  • Work deep within the boot process, kernel, and system internals using tools like IDA Pro, debuggers, and in-target probes to research the behavior of binaries

  • Analyze software and firmware using reverse engineering techniques to understand security vulnerabilities

  • Share knowledge by clearly articulating ideas through papers and presentations to technical staff and management

  • Provide detailed understanding of how various software-based attacks work at the memory and register level

  • Perform in-depth analysis on malicious software resident on Microsoft Windows and Linux based platforms

  • Analyze, disassemble, and reverse engineer software binaries

  • Document and transition results in reports, presentations, and technical exchanges

  • Design, prototype, document, test and transition code analysis methods and tools appropriate for operational use

  • Identify, define, and advocate reverse engineering and analysis processes, approaches, and concepts to enhance/improve technical exploitation efforts

  • Identify, define, determine origin and report on malware and other select software found on media of interest


  • Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, Computer Engineering, or Electrical Engineering

  • Experience with reverse engineering and network security tools, including IDA Pro, GDB, WinDdg, YARA, Windows Sysinternals, Kali Linux, and/or Wireshark

  • Programming knowledge/experience with either Windows kernel, C, C++, Python and/or Assembly Language

  • Ability to work in a team environment using modern version control systems

  • Experience in hardware configuration and network/data communications and protocols

  • Experience in software engineering and scripting

  • Experience conducting intelligence analysis and writing finished intelligence reporting

  • Experience requiring a thorough understanding of compiler specifics, operating system concepts, security models, and the causes of most vulnerabilities and how to exploit them

  • Experience coding and dissembling software on both Windows and Linux

  • Experience and knowledge of the types and techniques of cyber exploitation and attack, including virus, worm, Trojan horse, logic bomb, and sniffer to identify, quantify, prioritize, and report vulnerabilities in various architectures, networks, communications, applications, and systems

  • Experience with virtualization, driver programming, and debugging

  • Experience with ethical hacking and/or testing software vulnerabilities

  • Experience with computer forensic software packages

  • DoD 8570 Certification

Preferred Qualifications

  • Familiarity with multiple platforms (Win, Linux, Android, OSX, etc.)

  • Kernel development/debugging experience

  • Strong technical writing skills

  • Experience with virtualization software

  • Strong operating system internals knowledge

  • Experience bypassing technical security protections (packing/DRM/obfuscation)

The Reports and Requirements Company, LLC (R2C) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Buchanan & Edwards, and provides consulting services in operational support, intelligence collection, reporting, and data governance. Located in Arlington, VA, R2C offers expertise on a variety of national security topics, with specific focus on operational support, technical operations, policies and management of large volumes of data, analysis of large amounts of data, & effective approaches to evaluating and sharing data, and innovative techniques for information collection. Our consultants develop and deliver training programs on subjects including cyber intelligence, data governance and information sharing protocols, intelligence collection, and reporting techniques. R2C has a mission first culture and boasts the benefits & perks of a small company with the resources, stability, and career mobility of a large corporation. R2C is dedicated to fostering, cultivating and preserving a culture of diversity and inclusion. We are committed to crafting a workplace that endorses creativity and innovation, and promotes engagement through open communication, acceptance of new people and ideas, and a supportive team dynamic.

R2C is an Equal Opportunity Employer – Minorities / Women / Veterans / Individuals with Disabilities / Gender Identity / Sexual Orientation.

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